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Latest Trends on Business Resiliency
Business Resiliency is regarded by many as a blend between enterprise risk management, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery. The term “business resilience” suggests that an organization will be able to mitigate unforeseen risks and have contingency plans in place which will allow the continuation of business operations regardless of the specific incident. Used in this fashion, business resiliency draws upon lessons learned from business continuity planning, emergency management and incident response, and disaster recovery and long-term restoration.

Reversing TRIZ for Business Continuity Planning
TRIZ principles continue to find applications in fields outside their original application in engineering and technical problem solving. Applications in management and organizational problem solving, ergonomics and human factors, and consumer product design have been demonstrated in the past few years. This article will focus on a review of TRIZ and its normal algorithms and tools, as well as its "reverse" version, in an important new area – business continuity planning (BCP).

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Checklist for Small Business
Is your business ready for a disaster? Use this checklist to build or to review a disaster readiness plan for your small business.

Pandemic Flu Threat and Business Continuity
Today's challenge for survival in an ever increasing hostile world calls for a transformational shift to a "culture of readiness."

Make The Right Choice
As Data Protection and Recovery grows in business importance, companies are turning to experienced outsourcers like Iron Mountain to ensure their data is protected and available.

Challenging Your Business Continuity Plan
You’ve just focused your attention on the why and how of putting together your disaster preparedness plans so that you can be ready for a potential weather, terrorist, or some other business-threatening situation. Now… How can you make sure that everything has been considered?

Pet Preparedness Brochure from Department of Homeland Security

Family Communications Plan from Department of Homeland Security

Personal Preparedness Tri-Fold Brochure from Department of Homeland Security

Business Survival “Grab and Go Box” Checklist
The “Grab and Go Box” should contain copies of important information, documents, and supplies essential for your business to continue operating after a disaster. This information should be stored in a waterproof secure container available to grab and go in case of an emergency. Ideally a second copy of this information should be stored at an alternate location. Review the contents of the “Grab and Go Box” quarterly and update as needed.

Self-Assessment Quiz
Is your business ready for a disaster? Ten questions to help you determine the answer.